Monday, April 17, 2017

God Sent Me New Sandals

Have you ever heard anyone say that we live life forward but see it backward?
Well, that phrase never made sense to me until I gave my heart to Jesus. Let me start from the beginning with some of my "dirty laundry" so no one is yawning. After all who doesn't like knowing that even a "Jesus girl" has dark issues from her past right?

So, way back I decided to get out of the military and my husband and I trusted we could live off one income if others could. We were coming off a rough patch in our marriage where we almost divorced as well, and let me tell you it was rough going through that and to also be financially struggling. We stood in food bank lines on base, were on government assistance for a while, and the number of calls I avoided from creditors was out of hand. I knew about couponing, savvy saving, and so on, but with children on top of it all, it's not what anyone envisions.

In 2013 I started a business and was excellent at it. A lot of you who know me know this season of my life. I was so good at it in fact that we lived a life where we started to have more than enough. You know the story I'm sure. You make more than you need and if you're not wise enough to know how to handle it, you start to spend more, and never get out of debt. I loved my business, but that was the hang up right there, and my business began to come before God. There is nothing wrong with the root of what I did, the company, the people I worked with or anything like that. Please don't miss interpret my intentions with this part of the story. I am in no way trying to burn any bridges but just relaying what had happened to me.

Recently God asked me to go back to school and slow down. Slow down, go back to school, and get my bachelor's in Leadership Ministries. That is the season of life I'm in right now, and my life is back to where it was when we were on one income because of the dramatic pay cut. I know some might read this and think why on earth I would do such a thing if I had a great job, but the thing is it's not where God wanted me. Just because it's "good" doesn't mean it's what God is asking of us. Not only that, but I was not a good steward of what I had financially. I had created a false idol with every piece of my life.

Since then I have been scared out of my mind, but I know that fear is not from God (2 Timothy 1:7). He is our comforter and if He asks something of us we have a choice to obey that still voice or keep being thrown back in the belly of the whale like Jonah.

Tithing has been something heavy on my marriage because when you take a pay cut, you just don't see how you can tithe and survive. I had been praying for God to help my marriage and help me help my husband change. God answered with opportunity instead of instantly "fixing" the situation to give even though it seemed like we couldn't. You can not get into heaven by works (Ephesians 2:9), and I had known that, but I also knew I wanted to obey my heart and tithe our ten percent.

One of my first courses for school has been financial stewardship. Like I said God had answered with opportunity and in a huge way! About halfway through the course I was washing dishes, and my husband told me we had all our bills and tithe squared away, and we were okay. I instantly felt God discipline me in the gentle way I knew I needed it. I felt Him impress on my heart that I should not have been praying for my husband but to pray for God to show me ways to budget what I spend better to show him we can afford to tithe ten percent. After all, I bought the groceries, paid for the kids things they needed, and household goods. How amazing God is to gently show us when we need a little reminder to be humbled and more self-aware of our part we can do.

In the middle of all of this, I had been researching couponing, ways to save on entertainment for our family, Dave Ramsey financial peace university, and some other resources because of my financial stewardship course. I had known these things because of our lifestyle before but had gotten away from it. I was starting to see life backward and how amazing God was to show me those lessons back then even though they were tough. My husband and I began working as a team and tracked our income better, started to see God's hand in our lives more, and have even had more fun with our children because we are not so focused on what we don't have but what we do have. Every week I am in awe of how not only we're able to give tithe but also more if God needs to use us to do so.

Let me tell you about how amazing God is as well when it comes to how He cares about every intimate detail about your life, and why I called this blog post: "How God Sent Me Sandals." We have a budget now that both of us don't want to break until we are further along this journey. Well, our thirteen month old has started throwing anything he can sneak by us in the trash, and recently one of my sandals. I told my husband it's not in our budget right now, and I will get a new pair when it is and wait.
This past weekend we went to visit my grandmother in law, and as soon as we walked in the door, she had a pair of sandals to give me that she said she didn't care for after all and only wore once.

You can chalk this story up to coincidence, but I say we sometimes get so comfortable with life we miss a lot of miraculous moments. God set me those shoes out of His grace and love. Again, no works can get God to love you more than He already loves you right at this very moment. He can not be bought, but instead, my prayer is this story helps others to see that sometimes you just have be still, obey that still voice, do your part best you can, and let God work out all the details; even shoes.

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